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Eternal Renewal Counseling, LLC (ERC) takes a unique approach to therapy using a non-medical model. We provide treatment for clients as a whole person not a diagnosis and view treatment as an evolving, well-rounded process. We provide holistic talk therapy and integrate alternative therapies which research has proven improves cognition. Alternative therapies include: peer support, movement therapy, apiary therapy, and breath work. As you work with a licensed talk therapist, these alternative therapies are integrated into your wellness journey. Our Therapists and Practitioners work together to evolve with you on your wellness journey incorporating the whole person mind, body, soul. Recognizing the contextual factors that influence health and wellness.

Holistic and alternative therapies continue to evolve and are supported by contemporary health sciences and their efficacy is supported by an increasing body of research evidence, which contributes to the growing understanding and acceptance of their value as therapeutic benefits. By integrating these alternative therapies, we are creating neuroplasticity which helps creates new neural-pathways, healthy brain patterns and helps the brain process talk therapy more efficiently. Alternative therapies also help with regulating the nervous system into a more calm and present state.

Iyengar Yoga

Movement & Meditation Therapy

Included with initial talk therapy session


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